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How to decorate cookies

First, your cookies should be completely cooled before any icing is added. If you'll be adding details to a base layer of icing, give your first color a few hours to dry before adding on. Then, let your final product dry overnight or up to 24 hours to let them set up before stacking or wrapping.

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Make your own bread

There are three main types of yeast: fresh, fast-acting dried (also called ‘easy blend’ or ‘easy bake’ yeast) and active dried, so check your recipe. Most bread machines use fast-acting/ easy-blend dried yeast. This is usually the easiest type to use in home baking, too.

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how to make cup cakes

Ingredients should be at room temperature. Do not overmix the batter. Use a cupcake scoop for evenly baked cupcakes. Do not overfill cupcake liners. Bake cupcakes in the center rack of the oven. Use the touch test rather than a toothpick. Remove cupcakes from the pan to cool.

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